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Receivables Management

BPR provides a proven solution to your consumer and commercial delinquent accounts, working with its proprietary network of the best-in-class collection agencies in the country.

Call Center Outsourcing

BPR offers an array of call center outsourcing services that can help your business increase cash flow, reduce costs, streamline workflow, and increase business continuity, while also accurately representing your company brand.

A black guy works in a call center. He has headphones on which they talk with customers. He is an operator and he answers questions.

Auditing Services

BPR offers audits to collection agencies wanting to identify gaps in their own capabilities, as well as to organizations that want to evaluate their outside agencies’ performance.

Risk Mitigation

The best time to mitigate risk is at the outset of any customer relationship. Call BPR today and speak with one of our risk mitigation specialists for more information.


Revenue Cycle Management

BPR has the expertise to optimize your collectability efficiently and cost-effectively. BPR offers complete revenue cycle management services, overseeing receivables from creation through collection for businesses of all sizes.


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Collecting past-due debt is a challenge for any business. Fortunately, there’s BPR.


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