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Our Business Model

Our analytical approach to collection management increases our clients’ net returns on their delinquent receivables while unburdening them of a non-core process.

Transforming Collection Management

BPR is transforming the collection industry by partnering with Fortune 1,000-level clients to manage their collection processes for a cost-effective monthly fee.

Structure, Experience, & Expertise

BPR’s Multi-Tier Placement Process and Workflow

We will initially perform a detailed analysis of your portfolio and segment your receivables into groups based on a variety of criteria, including age, balance range and customer credit scores. We will then assign each segment to multiple agencies with demonstrated records of successfully collecting comparable portfolios in your industry.

After we complete the initial round of collection efforts—generally within six months—we will place any outstanding accounts with a second tier of agencies specializing in aged debt, and later with third and fourth tiers specializing in late-stage collection efforts. By leveraging the unique capabilities of multiple agencies specializing in different stages of the collection process, we pursue every opportunity to convert your receivables to cash.

We’re bringing a new approach to the receivables industry and new levels of profitability to companies like yours.


Nationwide Network

We maximize your recoveries while minimizing your collection responsibilities, enabling you to redeploy your collection resources and reduce overhead.

We employ and supervise a nationwide network of experienced and trustworthy collection agencies, from which we engage multiple agencies to service each of our clients to foster competition and maximize recoveries. Thanks to the high volume of work we place, we negotiate highly preferential contingency rates, passing the savings on to our clients while improving collections performance.

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Collecting past-due debt is a challenge for any business. Fortunately, there’s BPR.


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