Our Business Model

Our unique approach to receivables management increases our clients’ net return on their past due receivables while allowing them to focus on core competencies.

BPR's Strategy

BPR initially performs a detailed analysis of its clients’ portfolios and segments their receivables into groups based on age, balance range, business viability, and other criteria, then assigns each group of receivables to different agencies with expertise in those areas.

After the initial round of collection efforts, we place remaining accounts with second-tier agencies. The chart to the right summarizes how we leverage our network agencies’ different capabilities at different stages of the collection process to maximize recoveries while minimizing costs.


Transforming Collection Management

BPR began with a revolutionary concept – to create and utilize a network of premier collection agencies to service its clients’ commercial and consumer debt collection needs.

A receivables management firm, BPR offers its clients a turnkey solution to their delinquent accounts. We maximize our clients’ recoveries while always protecting their reputation by acting with complete discretion and public relations sensitivity.

Our clients enjoy experienced contacts at the agency level for hands-on expertise at competitive rates, which we can offer due to the volume of business we place with our network.


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Collecting past-due debt is a challenge for any business. Fortunately, there’s BPR.


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