BPR’s call center partners are all based in the United States and are best in class. Our network adds value to our clients’ inbound and outbound customer support services through exceptional performance.

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Call Center Network

Both our clients and our call center partners benefit from our unique business model.

We choose the call centers in our network based on thorough quantitative and qualitative analyses of their operating histories, work strategies, personnel, policies and procedures, compliance practices, customer service expertise, and technical and reporting capabilities.

After accepting a call center into our network, we continue to monitor its performance, performing random audits that include onsite visits and monitoring of calls.  Such quality control practices ensure stellar customer service and protect our clients’ brands.

We do not outsource our clients’ customer support and communication needs to foreign countries, thereby eliminating the risk of language barriers, comprehension problems, and cultural differences which can breed customer dissatisfaction.  Our communication specialists are based, trained and supervised in the United States.


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