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Our agency partners must document their compliance with all applicable laws and licensing requirements throughout the country.

A Win-Win for BPR Clients & Agencies

Both our clients and our agency partners benefit handsomely from our business model.

We choose the collection agencies in our network based on a thorough quantitative and qualitative analysis of their operating histories, financial strengths, work strategies, personnel, policies and procedures, compliance records and practices, customer service records, and technical and reporting capabilities.

After accepting an agency into our network, we continue to monitor its performance for both collections and compliance, performing random audits that include onsite visits, reviews of actual accounts, and monitoring of collection calls. Such quality control practices ensure stellar customer service and protect our clients’ brands.

Professional conducting New York Auditing Services

Competitive & Results-Oriented

Clients reap the benefits of our competitive, results-oriented collection network of agency partners driven to produce superior returns—and are rewarded for doing so.

By aggregating the combined purchasing power of numerous clients under one roof, we also negotiate favorable agency fees for even our smallest clients, and always give their businesses top priority. This translates into higher gross returns, lower collection costs, and net return increases for our clients which amply exceed our monthly management fee.

Our agency partners benefit from our business model by receiving high volumes of recurring business while avoiding sales and marketing expenses associated with business development. And they know that superior performance will always be rewarded with more business.

Join Our Network

BPR always welcomes experienced and qualified collection agencies to join our network.

Complete and submit our non-disclosure agreement.
Complete and submit our agency questionnaire.
Meet with a member of the BPR leadership team for an in-person visit.

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