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Receivables Management Solutions

BPR provides a proven solution to your consumer and commercial delinquent accounts, working with its proprietary network of the best-in-class professional agencies in the country.


First- and Third-Party Past-Due Account Receivables Management

In today’s climate, using third-party vendors to recover monies due you runs the risk of alienating your customers. BPR’s network of domestic call centers minimizes that risk by commencing calls in the name of the original creditor and conveying both knowledge of your business and sensitivity to your clients. Quality assurance is paramount – we have no tolerance for customer complaints.

Receivables Management

BPR began with a revolutionary concept – to create and utilize a network of premier collection agencies to service its clients’ commercial and consumer debt collection needs. We are not a collection agency – we are a receivables management firm which offers its clients a turnkey solution to their delinquent accounts through a network of agencies offering varying skillsets in different industries. By matching our network agencies to your portfolios, we maximize our clients’ recoveries while protecting their reputation by acting with complete discretion and public relations sensitivity.

Business Model

We begin our client relationships by performing a detailed analysis of our clients’ portfolios and segmenting their receivables into groups based on age, balance, business viability and other criteria. We then assign each group of receivables to agencies within our network which have expertise in those client-specific areas. Our agencies specialize in different areas, and we match their specialties with our clients’ portfolios. After the initial round of collection efforts, we place remaining accounts with second-tier agencies.


Regulations in the customer service and receivables management industries are complex and constantly changing. BPR assumes those compliance headaches for its clients and ensures observance of the myriad of federal and state laws and regulations governing those fields. We protect our clients’ customer-facing activities by ensuring that our network partners’ professionals are instructed and tested on current compliance information and standards. We also work with counsel to ensure ongoing compliance, maintain longtime memberships and accreditations with several organizations, and keep our clients apprised of legal developments directly affecting their industries.

Sophisticated Analytics

BPR’s expert staff evaluates all portfolios up front by applying sophisticated analytics and financial models. Those tools enable us to place our clients’ portfolios with the agency or agencies in our network that best matches their needs. And we continue to deploy analytics and models throughout the course of our receivables management relationship to ensure that each client is serviced in the manner optimally suited to maximize recoveries and minimize costs. Effective receivables management is a science requiring constant attention to each client’s unique needs, and our analytics and models have enabled us to master that science.


BPR’s professional network provides its clients with several benefits, including the following:
  • Higher Gross Revenues

    Our use of sophisticated analytics and professional partners enables our clients to recover a significantly higher percentage of their delinquent receivables than they did when managing the process internally.

  • Freedom to Focus on Core Competencies

    Because we manage their receivables from start to finish, our clients can re-deploy or reduce their internal staff and focus on their core business activities.

  • Special Programs for PR-Sensitive Clients

    For clients who are highly sensitive to public relations concerns, we offer early-cycle, first-party programs under which we contact current or past-due customers in the client’s name and give them an opportunity to cure their accounts, employing sophistication and sensitivity to maximize recoveries while minimizing negative backlash from valued customers.

  • Increased Bottom Line

    Higher revenues and lower costs translate into greater profits for your organization.